Dr Jim Asher

IP Valuation Consultant & Industrial Adviser

Jim was the founder of IP valuation at Coller IP, which provides a range of specialist services for the commercial management of intangible assets.



Qualifications: BSc from Edinburgh, DPhil (Oxford)


Jim developed and led the IP valuation practice for many years and his extensive experience in IP valuation covers a range of purposes, from due diligence, investor positioning and licence negotiation, to asset financing, M&A, corporate and shareholder re-structuring, insolvency administration, divorce and probate.

Jim has over 16 years of experience of IP valuation, in a range of business contexts from early‐stage/start‐up enterprises through to large multi‐national corporates, universities start- ups, investors, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, public-sector research bodies and government authorities and regulators; and across a wide geographical range.

The requirements have ranged from indicative valuations for management purposes, through to formal independent valuations subject to tax authority and regulator scrutiny, and expert witness reports prepared in accordance with Court rules of evidence in the UK and the Middle East.  Jim is able to combine a deep understanding of technology with commercial experience and valuation experience to the challenges of valuing both established and early‐stage enterprises and IP portfolios in a wide range of circumstances.

Jim’s experience includes other services, ranging from consultancy targeted at helping clients to manage and drive innovation within their organisations, to licensing and drafting agreement terms.  Using appropriate models and techniques, he has helped clients to commercialise and realise the full value of their innovations, developing strategies for legal protection and the development of robust IP portfolios.

A physicist by background, Jim has over 30 years’ experience of technical and business innovation, business management and commercialisation in a range of industry sectors, including electronics, utilities, healthcare, engineering and software. Jim has developed a range of business processes and tools to communicate and realise commercial value from innovation and uses these in providing customer-focused support. He builds on past experience as a successful operations director of an innovation business commercialising a wide range of products that was underpinned by an extensive patent portfolio (over 400 granted patents and 400 applications pending).


Jim has a BSc from Edinburgh, DPhil (Oxford), is a member of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicist and a member of the Licensing Executives Society. He led the team that won IP Valuation Team of the Year 2013 and 2014 and recently co-authored “Hidden Value: A study of the UK IP Valuation Market”, published by the UK Intellectual Property Office in 2017.

Sectors & Specialisms

Jim applies his extensive experience to helping clients structure their innovation strategies and processes to meet the challenges of commercialising into highly competitive markets. Jim has provided training on IP and IP valuation to a range of companies and investors, at European and Asian international training seminars, and is a regular guest lecturer on IP valuation to students at the CASS Business School at the City University, London.