Anthony Coleman

Chief Analyst

Anthony is a Chief Analyst in the IP Valuation team at Coller IP. He has over seven years’ experience in IP, in both the UK and the Netherlands.


Year joined: 2018

Qualifications: B.Sc, Ph.D


Anthony has over seven years’ experience in intellectual property. He has experience in the valuation of IP and Intangible Assets for large corporations for M&A, licensing and restructuring purposes and for start-ups and SME’s seeking to attract investment from Private Equity and Venture Capital. Additionally, Anthony has previously worked for CPA Global as a technical consultant where he has gained experience in IP due diligence, technology landscaping, IP scouting and IP strategy for businesses across multiple industries including petrochemicals, polymers, aerospace, automotive, medical devices and energy and assisted these clients in better aligning their IP strategy with their business development and R&D efforts.

Furthermore, in a previous position as an IP consultant in the IP Department of Philips Lighting in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Anthony worked closely with Philips Research, Portfolio management and strategy in monitoring the competitor patent activity through patent landscaping, aligning research and IP filing strategies and investigating IP acquisition or licensing targets.


Anthony holds a B.Sc degree in Chemistry with German from Dublin City University, Ireland and a Ph.D.  in Organometallic photochemistry from Dublin City University, Ireland. He has completed post-doctoral research on “smart” materials and organic photoactive systems in the group of Nobel Laureate Prof. Ben Feringa in the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.  Anthony is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has published over 12 scientific papers.

Sectors & Specialisms

Anthony has significant experience in the IP sector, including valuation of IP/IA assets for M&A, investment or licensing purposes, patent portfolio review, patent landscaping of specific technologies, competitor analysis and identification of potential collaboration partners, licensees, or IP acquisition targets. Anthony has broad experience both in academia and industry, having worked in both for a number of years in Ireland, UK, The Netherlands and Germany.

He has gained substantial experience working with clients across multiple sectors and industries including Lighting, Optoelectronics, Polymers (Production processes and chemistry), Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, FMCG, Agriculture & Agro-chemical, and Medical devices.