Basic to masterclass-level intellectual property training in a wide variety of IP topics

Whether company-wide or for a select few, Coller IP is an acknowledged provider in intellectual property training and education. Offering basic to masterclass-level IP training, we have assisted HR & IP managers leveraging the knowledge and awareness in IP of their staff in bespoke training sessions and workshops. Topics include:

  • A simple introduction to the basic terms and meaning of Intangible Assets.
  • How to capture, protect and manage IP: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Trade Secrets
  • How the IP registration processes work
  • How to protect brands, know-how and other assets
  • Valuing Intangible Assets within the business and Driving Shareholder Value
  • How to develop an IP strategy that aligns with business objectives
  • How to appoint or become an IP Manager
  • Patent Box and other benefits of IP
  • Acquiring & Monetising IP
  • Understanding the IP Landscape and Competition
  • How to report IP Board Metrics and construct IP dashboards
  • Benchmarking your IP performance
  • Dealing with IP disputes
  • Becoming Investment Ready: IP Due Diligence & IP Valuation – Masterclass

Worldwide IP Training Providers

Coller IP has been a registered, worldwide training provider with a number of national and regional government programmes. This means that our clients have obtained grants to cover up to 50% of the costs of training on intellectual property (IP) matters and a wide range of intangible asset issues.