Basic to masterclass-level intellectual property training in a wide variety of IP topics

Whether company-wide or for a select few, Coller IP is an acknowledged provider in intellectual property training and education. Offering basic to masterclass-level IP training, we have assisted HR & IP managers leveraging the knowledge and awareness in IP of their staff in bespoke training sessions and workshops. Topics include:

  • A simple introduction to the basic terms and meaning of Intangible Assets.
  • How to capture, protect and manage IP: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Trade Secrets
  • How the IP registration processes work
  • How to protect brands, know-how and other assets
  • Valuing Intangible Assets within the business and Driving Shareholder Value
  • How to develop an IP strategy that aligns with business objectives
  • How to appoint or become an IP Manager
  • Patent Box and other benefits of IP
  • Acquiring & Monetising IP
  • Understanding the IP Landscape and Competition
  • How to report IP Board Metrics and construct IP dashboards
  • Benchmarking your IP performance
  • Dealing with IP disputes
  • Becoming Investment Ready: IP Due Diligence & IP Valuation – Masterclass

Worldwide IP Training Providers

Coller IP has been a registered, worldwide training provider with a number of national and regional government programmes. This means that our clients have obtained grants to cover up to 50% of the costs of training on intellectual property (IP) matters and a wide range of intangible asset issues. We are also registered on the Manufacturing Advisor Service directory.

IP Valuation Training

How can one understand the value of IP assets within a venture and organisation and strategically drive their value?

Our valuation training of intangible assets (“IA”) and intellectual property (“IP”) bespoke training programmes and workshops include practical exercises and case studies for the programme participants / delegates, helping them understand the value of IP Assets within a venture and organisation.

The main IP Valuation topics include:

  • A simple introduction to the basic terms and meaning of intangible assets and IP
  • How to capture, protect and manage IP: Patents, trade marks, copyright, trade
  • Secrets and other important intangible assets for the business
  • Valuing intangible assets within the business and driving shareholder value
  • Becoming investment ready: IP due diligence & IP valuation – masterclass