IP Brokering, Licensing and Value Creation

Monetise your intellectual property investments

The legal rights obtained through formal registration can be both an asset and a liability at the same time. The legal rights can become a financial liability, particularly over the passage of time, as the rights can become disconnected with the company’s strategy and product lines. Without a proactive approach to value creation and monetisation, market opportunities to maximise value can pass. We understand, however, that achieving a successful IP investment, sale or licensing deal is a challenging process where specialist skills, networks and relationships are required. Coller IP provides IP brokers and guidance for those wishing to secure a deal or gain market access.

Experts in Intellectual Property Acquisitions, Transfers & Licensing

In order to grow, companies often wish to acquire IP assets for further commercialisation. Coller IP identifies targets through its networks and uses a flexible approach to secure a successful transaction and transfer of assets.

We welcome contact from companies and individuals that own IP and wish to develop it or who wish to reap rewards from investment by successfully trading, negotiating a sale or purchase or completing an IP licensing deal.

Investments and M&As

M&A transactions and investments in start-up businesses increasingly now involve substantial intangible assets to be traded. Both sides in the transaction wish to recognise where the value resides and achieve a fair recognition. This factor, leads to best practice due diligence, where the intangible assets are captured early in the process to both recognise fair value but to also enable the impact of integration with the acquirer to achieve maximum benefit. At Coller IP we work with both sellers and buyers not only to get the best value for our customer but also to enable a transaction to close efficiently.