Beyond Britain

We reach beyond Britain’s borders to assist our clients in their IP challenges. From coaching individuals in the Middle-East to supporting multinationals in setting up IP best practice, our team has supported numerous international companies and governments in achieving their goals in IP development


Characterised by a unique “hands-on” style, years of industry IP experience and long-term support programs, Coller IP supports its clients during all IP phases, from capture, protect to valuation and monetisation. Whether start-up, government or large corporate, our team of advisors stand ready to work with you on your IP matters, all over the world.

“Coller IP has been instrumental in assisting SCG’s drive to be the leader in IP best practice management within the ASEAN region and beyond. Their role in setting up internal IP valuation capabilities has supported SCGs continuous drive for innovation and corporate ventures. We are happy to continue our relationship with Coller IP in the future.”
Yingyong Tanthanapongphan, Senior Manager – IP Management Corporate Technology Office, SCG

“Coller IPs contribution during the 4-day training supported our initiative to raise the awareness and insight into IP Valuation on a national level in Malaysia. We look forward to continuing collaboration with Coller IP in future projects.”
Biruntha Mooruthi, Vice President, Commercialisation Specialist, Head of IP Services, PlaTCOM Ventures

“Coller IP’s assistance in guiding MAS to be at the forefront in IP management in Sri Lanka has greatly supported our drive to continuously innovate in our sectors. We are happy to continue our relationship with Coller IP in the future.”
Dr Dilruk Yahathugoda Regional Director – Europe, MAS