Exciting time to consider IP Insurance

There has been an exciting development for those looking to mitigate the cost of obtaining and enforcing IP.

Intellectual Property insurance has been available for some time but historically it has only covered the legal costs of enforcing IP and defending claims of infringement. However, a recently launched policy also includes, as standard, costs incurred in defending patent and trademark oppositions in the UK and Europe. This policy is a cradle to grave IP risk solution allowing innovative businesses to mitigate IP risk and protect their investment in IP.

These policies add real commercial value by:

  1. PROTECTING CASHFLOW: Allowing decisive enforcement and defence actions to be taken without draining vital cash resources.
  2. ADDING VALUE TO IP RIGHTS: Licensees, lenders and investors know they won’t have to pay for expensive legal action to protect business value. This increases the license value and value of IP rights upon a sale.
  3. PROVIDING A DETERRENT: Potential infringers will think twice about copying insured IP.

If you are interested in learning more about how IP insurance can add value to your IP strategy and risk mitigation plans then please get in touch.

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