Did you know….there are Brexit related patents?!

As we approach Brexit some individuals and companies are sensing a commercial opportunity. At Coller IP, based on a quick search, we came across 41 Brexit related trademark filings made to date. Whilst some of these are now inactive, the majority (more than 52%) are still either granted or pending.

On the patent side, We like the patent US9025154 B2 entitled “Device for selecting a specific matter” registered by Photonic Detection Systems Pty Ltd. now owned by Brexit Pty Ltd. Maybe we would have been more enlightened if we had used this invention.

Once again on patents if you are having problems sorting through lots of documents featuring new terms related to Brexit, Novabase Business Solutions may have the answer. Their patent application US20180300315 A1 relates to machine learning with the patent specification stating that an example of use of the patent “is the type of “new” terms that appear in documents like “Brexit” or more recently “Bremain.””. Who would have thought Brexit would have helped explain the purpose of a Machine Learning patent?

If you can see opportunities whether with Brexit related trademarks, patents or other intangible assets the team at Coller IP would love to talk to you. We can certainly search for more interesting subject matter than Brexit. We specialise in our commercial approach to the opportunities presented by intangible assets. If you are looking to make any registrations, we will connect you with our colleagues at our parent firm, Mathys & Squire. Together as a team we are well placed to help you make the most of Brexit, regardless of whether you see it as good or bad.

Richard Nugent, Coller IP