Debating IP Risk Mitigation Tactics at the Prestigious RAF Club

Coller IP and the LOT Network were delighted to host a private lunch at the prestigious RAF club in London last month to discuss risk mitigation strategies for companies moving into the digital world.

Coller IP’s highly commercial and strategic focus on IP coupled with the LOT Network approach to tackling the risk faced from Non-Practicing Entitles (NPEs) offered a lively debate across the lunch table as thoughts and ideas ranging from IP insurance to patent acquisitions to role of indemnifications were all debated.

Commenting on the lunch event, Coller IP’s Director of IP Lawrence Bickers commented, “It was interesting to hear views from different industries on both technology and IP trends, we were delighted that Ken Seddon was able to co-host bringing his knowledge and experience to share with our guests.”

Ken Seddon, CEO at LOT Network remarked, “It truly is amazing that no matter where in the world I travel, companies have concerns about PAEs, and at the same time, the most sophisticated of IP professionals, regardless of their industry, rely on the same set of solutions.


Is your business moving into new technology areas or facing concerns from PAE’s? Contact the team at Coller IP to find out more about this growing issue and how we can help.

Coller IP offers best practice IP consulting focussed on strategy, valuation, training and IP asset management with offices in Oxford, London & Belfast.

The LOT Network is a non-profit organization that was formed to combat patent assertion entities, by cross-licensing patents that fall into the hands of PAEs.