Coller IP Supports IoT Tribe

Earlier this month, Coller IP returned to Barnsley as the team continues to support the IoT Tribe.  This year’s cohort features a range of advanced start-ups developing solutions from IoT security, to industrial 3D printing, to smart railways.

Coller IP delivered an interactive training session to the cohort, supported by private consultations for each of the businesses and will continue to support the cohort throughout the year.

Commenting on the sessions, Coller IP’s Alex Tame remarked: “This is the second year of IP support to our friends at the IoT Tribe and this year’s cohort provides a fascinating mix of companies each offering a somewhat unique approach to the IoT world. Companies at this early stage of their journey are faced with so many distractions that it’s important to set the right foundation for developing an IP strategy. Hopefully, we have helped to shape their [IP] thinking and we look forward to continuing with our support to the cohort during 2019.”

Tanya Suarez, IoT Tribe CEO, commented: “We are delighted to have Coller IP working to reinforce the value of our start-up’s intellectual assets. Alex is a trusted advisor and is able to unveil IP’s dark secrets in a way that can be understood and applied.”

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