Coller IP Support to StateZero Labs with focus on Blockchain

Coller IP was recently invited to run a range of one to one sessions’ at the StateZero Labs in London.  This is a fascinating community of start-up companies who are all exploring how the use of blockchain technology could help solve the challenging problems faced by today’s industries.  From shipping to asset management to corporate social responsibly, these entrepreneurs all have one thing in common – their desire to see blockchain underpin tomorrow’s world through disruptive and trusted innovative solutions.

Commenting on the IP sessions, Alex Tame, Coller IP’s Director of IP remarked “Blockchain and IP are two slowly converging worlds, and both seem to feature regularly in the language of today’s investors.  Perhaps I am somewhat of a sceptic as I observe the limited commercial application amid all the hype, but our sessions with StateZero Labs have certainly opened my eyes to this ever-growing blockchain eco-system and bought a fresh perspective on how this technology will make a difference in tomorrow’s tech world.  I look forward to continuing our journey with these intriguing companies as we see how the IP tools we have at our disposal today can support and protect these businesses and underpin their success of tomorrow”

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