Coller IP announces participation in three-year Brazil IP Office for its 21st Century project

Coller IP has recently been awarded a contract to work with the Brazilian Intellectual Property Office (INPI) on its 21st Century project. This is an exciting development for the firm, confirming our position as a world-class intellectual property consulting firm. Coller IP will be working alongside Palladium International, FGV Projetos, Procomex and the University of Sao Paulo in this innovative project, funded entirely by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and in cooperation with the UK’s own Intellectual Property Office.

The project will involve close collaboration with top global Intellectual Property Offices, seeking to lay the foundations for impactful and valuable developments at INPI. Over the years Coller IP has been privileged to work with world class-innovators and IP Offices, and this project will provide new opportunities to participate in innovation, and value creation.

While initially, the impact of Covid-19 had caused some setbacks to the 21st Century project, progress is now in full swing. Using an array of conferencing and project management tools, the project team has been working from disparate locations across the world.

Richard Nugent, project lead for Coller IP (who speaks Brazilian Portuguese), commented: “Innovation is everywhere and is not just limited to the business community. We are heartened by the positivity with which everyone on the project has engaged with the work to date, despite the limitations and challenges of working from home. The support of INPI and the UKIPO has been first class, and we look forward to generating value as the project proceeds over the next few years.”

For further information (in Portuguese), visit this site.